You Think You Work Sucks? Bangladesh Sewer Cleaners Claw Out Blockages For $10 A Day

Dozens of sewer cleaners die every year in Bangladesh as they dive into putrid drains to clear blockages with a stick or just their bare hands.

They are paid $10 a day at most to swim through the polluted sewers of the overpopulated capital of Dhaka without any protective gear - not even goggles.

The city of 14 million people suffers from an inadequate drainage system that is made considerably worse by heavy rain, leading to frequent flooding.

Dhaka City Corporation pays the men, who usually do their dirty job shirtless, just $6 - $10 a day to battle the sludge produced in the cramped tunnels criss-crossing the city.

They have to hold their breath as they dive through human waste and also must deal with poisonous fumes emitted by the sewage.
Many die every year from drowning and an unknown number of others suffer health effects from frequent dives.

Source: 9GAG