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What if sex were easily, readily & abundantly available ?

We have a lot of dumb things happening in the world right now that are more than vaguely related to availability (actually non-availability) of sex. Many of these things have presumably been happening for a very long time.

Most recently there was the Alek Minassian van attack incident. More broadly discussed was Bill Cosby’s trial and conviction for sexually assaulting a number of women after drugging them.

Sexual harassment in general and the unreasonably pressuring of women by higher power men seems rampant. Date rape drugs are far from rare.

And despite Betsy Devos’s inactivity, legitimate Title IX actions remain numerous.

How much of this bad stuff would just stop happening if it were just easy to get sex?

Perhaps by having safe, legal brothels.

Perhaps by having West world quality sex robots.

Perhaps by having a new religious cult that believes that making sex available for the asking brings joy to their deity and assures them a greater place in heaven.

I am less concerned with the implementation than in the effects.

Would it bring us a kinder, happier, safer world?

And if it would (which seems at least plausible), why aren’t we doing anything about this.

Perhaps we can form a new chain of church operated, robot staffed brothels?

It might not even be immoral, illegal or fattening?

By: Russel L. Brand