Thousndands of penguins have been found dead on a remote island in Antarctica. 

The reason behind the mass death is yet to be discovered by scientists although they suspect it could be a result of a sudden heatwave and the warming of Antarctica as they visited the site for inspection.

More than 1000 dead penguins were found in the South Shetland Islands, which have wiped out half of its penguin population. 

Scientists suggest the penguins have died over a period of time which can be over a month or two. However the decomposing of their bodies are slow due to the ice cap.

Climate scientists say this is a sign of an even greater disaster that is going to happen adding that "No action to mitigate climate change, if not cooling of the planet would mean we will face the next great extinction".
"We have seen penguin deaths in the recent past as well. But it never exceeded a dozen of them ever. This is a scary situation. The population of Seals, Penguins and Polar bears are receding to a point that would soon be extinct". 

Some experts believe that is an event much larger than what it looks like. Prof Dave Henderson suggest this is a sign for mankind to get ready for much worse to come. "2018 is going to be a year full of catastrophes and severe natural disasters. Sea level rise, floods and heatwaves will kill tens of thousands of people in 2018. Everything that happened in the past will be at least twice as big and the damage will be collateral" he says. 

"The world is nearing its end. We better get ready to face it as Stephen Hawking recently said", he adds.

Source: Religion Mind