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Technology Will Erase Jobs—But Also Make Everything Cheap or Free

At an eventuality about how record is moulding a destiny of money, it seems counterintuitive to speak about a destiny where record has mostly finished divided with a need for income to live.
But that’s a destiny Peter Diamandis envisions.
At Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Summit in New York this week, Diamandis talked about a extended and specific trends he believes are heading to a demonetized world.
It’s no tip that record is melancholy to take divided jobs. For all a speak about robots operative alongside humans rather than replacing them altogether, automation’s aloft efficiency, reduce costs, and augmenting capability meant eventually workers will be private from a equation in many jobs.
No one wants to be transposed by a machine, nonetheless there’s a china lining.
The blow to technological unemployment, Diamandis said, is a demonetization of living—in other words, flattering many all we need and do in a day-to-day lives is apropos radically cheaper, if not free, and technology’s creation it happen.
The many apparent and discernible instance of this materialisation is, of course, a smartphone. 20 years ago, we had a garland of opposite things that any achieved a singular function: a camera took pictures, a flashlight illuminated adult a dark, a TV was for examination shows, a VCR played movies, a bang box played music, and so on and so forth.
Now we have all that and some-more in a palm of a hands. More significantly, though, we got many of it for distant reduction than in a past. If, Diamandis said, we supplement adult a cost of all that hardware 20 years ago, you’re looking during thousands of dollars—now reduced to a few hundred. Similarly, a normal smartphone being microfinanced for $50 in building nations binds millions of dollars’ value of software.
Demonetization is a fourth of Diamandis’ 6 Ds of technological disruption, function after digitization nonetheless before democratization. Taking income out of a equation for a given product or use is a pivotal partial of creation that product or use accessible to everyone.
Below are only a few of a examples Diamandis gave of demonetization he sees opposite several industries.


If we don’t have a smartphone or computer, we can’t have your information collected—and companies wish your data. They wish it so badly they’ll shortly be giving smartphones away, privately in a areas of a universe where a immeasurable infancy of would-be consumers aren’t online yet.


We used to expostulate to Blockbuster and compensate a few dollars to lease one movie. Now we can compensate a low prosaic rate and watch as many cinema and shows as we wish any month. Or we can watch things for free; YouTube streams millions of hours of giveaway video per day.


The lowest countries in a universe are a sunniest countries in a world, and solar energy is apropos cheaper than coal. That means ultra-cheap electricity in building nations.


When we possess a automobile we have to compensate for fuel, parking, insurance, tolls, and maintenance—not to discuss shopping a automobile itself. On-demand float apps like Lyft and Uber are changing a approach people get around and creation it cheaper for them to do so. Why compensate all that income for your possess automobile when there’s a use to get we from indicate A to indicate B during a fragment of a cost? Electric unconstrained cars will interrupt travel even more.


Self-driving cars will change a housing marketplace by enabling people to invert from over divided some-more easily. Housing itself will get cheaper interjection to large-scale 3D printing.


The XPRIZE substructure recently launched a Global Learning XPRIZE. Participants are tasked with formulating a program package that can take a organisation of ignorant kids to full preparation in 18 months. This arrange of program will move high-quality preparation to areas that now miss it—and it will be delivered in kids’ local language, in a context that fits their culture, during small to no cost to them.


Of all a industries listed, medical is a one many urgently in need of demonetization in a US. It’s function by AI-fueled diagnosis and personalization of care. Deep training algorithms can now brand skin cancer as accurately as dermatologists can. IBM’s Watson was means to diagnose a singular form of leukemia that no medicine could diagnose by examining information from 20 million other diagnoses. The Tricorder XPRIZE yielded a  complement that can diagnose 12 opposite diseases and constraint real-time critical signs regulating a smartphone and some add-ons. Genome sequencing will transition medical from being reactive to proactive, gripping people from removing ill in a initial place.
“I perspective a universe as fast demonetizing,” Diamandis pronounced nearby a end of his talk.
A universe where life’s necessities are all inexpensive or giveaway will be really opposite from a universe we live in today. What will motivate people to work or be prolific if they don’t need income for a basics? What kinds of new innovations will open adult from people for who these resources used to be cost-prohibitive? How will amicable constructs built around resources and category shift.
These are all questions we’ll need to anticipate as record continues to demonetize a lives. As a aged observant goes, a best things in life are free, and if Diamandis’ prophesy becomes reality, we’ll  have to figure out that of a giveaway things in life are best.

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