Muslims DEMAND: Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And Disrespectful To Us


Muslims hate dogs.  This goes all the way back to their conquest of Persia  in the seventh century A.D.  The conqered people were the Zorostrians, and they loved and revered dogs.  As part of their conquest, the new masters of Persia decided to target dogs for cruel treatment for the very reason that it was cruel and showed the Persians who was in charge.
Fast forward to the modern era.  Like so many Muslim customs, this little horror made it into their official teaching and so cannot be rescinded now.  A Muslim is taught from early on that dogs are unclean.  Angels will not visit a house where a dog resides.  So what to do when they suddenly immigrate to a host country that loves dogs?  Do they try to get along and not make waves?
Not so much.  In fact, you have a clash of civilizations on any point no matter how seemingly small.  If it’s important to Muslims, the host country need to remove the offense.  That pressure is beginning to build in Manchester now that the Muslim numbers are increasing so quickly.  Here’s a small sample of what is happening.
In Manchester, pamphlets have been distributed by a group called Public Purity. They have demanded that Brits stop taking their dogs out in public as dogs are considered impure in the Islamic faith.

Here’s a copy of the flyer ‘encouraging’ compliance

 Here is the reverse side of the leaflet

How would you feel if this showed up on your door.  Furious?  Annoyed?  Troubled?  Probably all of that and more.  This is a direct affront to the hosts who have so unsuspectingly welcomed these outsiders.  This is just the start of the outrages.  In fact, reports indicate a spike in the number of dog poisonings.  Good luck Manchester.  You’re gonna need it.



  1. i think this is really wrong thing to do, i live in india and muslims here have same opinion , but they dont react that way, our streets are filled with dogs and our neighbours have dogs too, nobody minds it , they just live their own lives and follow their own customs, its sad to see that muslims there came from other countries and they need to respect their culture instead they ask them to respect muslims culture , i think religion must be confined to private space , if this goes on, they might even demand shariah laws which are quite inhuman ,sick and so backward according to me, and that will be the end of England.

  2. Religion always needs private space, but the political parties in indian sub-continent or Asia do not follow this guidelines. They use religion for their own interest and people also forget and cross tthe the line.


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